In case of errors, FillPouch gives quite useful, meaningful error messages. You can usually get to know where things went wrong. In some cases it can even give the line number in our source code where it detected the error. If you encounter such messages, do let us know in our bug tracker. (See the link at the end of this page)

Common Mistakes/Misunderstandings
  • The simplest error is happens when the executable fillpouch.exe is double-clicked from Windows Explorer! That is just not how to run FillPouch!

    People are so used to interactive GUI with nice interfaces, they tend to think that FillPouch is also such a program! No, it is not. fillpouch.exe can only work from the command-line! You need to write the command on the prompt there.

    Here is a tip: Go to the folder where fillpouch.exe is residing using Windows Explorer. Now instead of double clicking on the file, write the word cmd in the location bar of Windows. Then press ENTER. The Windows command line console will open in that folder. Now you can give FillPouch commands there. The command to generate a file needs one more filename after the word "fillpouch" That would be the name of the project file of your website. Then press ENTER and FillPouch will read that project file and generate the same in the build folder! (provided the project file was created correctly)

  • One of the most common "error" (if you can call it that) is a tired person may actually forget to run FillPouch when the design or content was changed. The reason is that FillPouch does its work so fast, that you may forget that it is even there; and therefore miss the entire step! That is why we strongly recommend using an editor like VSCode (or VSCodium) where you can setup a "file-watcher", that executes the one step FillPouch build process whenever the project files change. Read about editors in this documentation to learn more.

  • The other common error is when you give a meta-instruction in a file (Say "A") to insert another file (Say "B") and then you insert a meta-instruction in "B" to load the file ("A") This obviously will attempt to throw FillPouch into a loop, which it will not like -- and it will quit explaining the problem.

  • A third very common problem is to do with backslashes. When you give folder paths in the meta-instructions, you would have to double the backslashes "\\" instead of "\" That's just how it works in many programming languages.
Issue and bug tracker
We are using an excellent bug-tracking system called Bugasura. You can directly add your bugs/suggestions/etc there.Those who donate at least $25.00 USD will get a higher priority!