A great design is just one hop away!

One tiny site generator!

Are you searching for a site generator that does not need any tooling? This is it! No NPM module mess. No complex build process. Just one tiny binary executable!

Download it now from here, extract the contents into a folder in Windows. Read the README.txt file and get going! That is all that is needed for "setup".

NOTE: It is a command line program. You need to open a 'cmd' window, and then run it from the command line.

It should also work under Linux and Macs with the WINE sub-system, as it is a 32 bit Windows executable!

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Handles all kinds of data!

Are you stuck because the site generator handles only this type of data and not that type? Can't handle content poured down from the Internet into the generator? We've got you covered!

Almost as simple as copy-paste

Were you wanting to reuse various fragments of HTML you saw on various websites? Not to worry at all! As some of you may have noticed, this home page is based on the nice Bulma tiles demonstration on their site. But FillPouch can use practically any CSS library. FillPouch is immune to changes in specifications of HTML !

Your Feedback is welcome!

It's not a tall tale!

The simplest ever site generator

Here's an audio intro if you don't want to read so much.

This was born to handle the practical necessity of balancing the best of all kinds of both simple and complex situations. On one hand, we need the simplicity of plain text files. On the other hand, we also need elaborate and sophisticated websites.

WYSIWYG web site generators get you too involved in the visual imagery. You tend to lose focus as you are lovingly trying out various different clever drag-and-drop components.

If we use text based HTML editors; such as VS Code, you can get syntactical help. But again you get dragged into too many angular brackets, and dotting the i's and crossing the t's!

The core concepts of recursion and refactoring are all you need to understand to use FillPouch. It is meant for busy people who don't want to get too deeply mired in the intricacies of web designing, and yet want to keep improving the look/contents in multiple ways. It's for those who want to copy-paste nice HTML templates from all over the web.

This is for someone who wants to spend time focussed on the content and not intricacies of HTML and CSS... and still be able to produce beautiful, intricate sites!

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