Version History

  • Version 0.5.8 Jan 4, 2023
    A new type of iterations is available; apart from the earlier three. Now you can extract just the links that is relevant to just one tag from a set of clones. Say you are using this for a blog, and you have given the tag "jan" for January articles, and "feb" for february articles, then this kind of iteration will help!
  • Version 0.5.7 Jan 4, 2023
    A new type of iterations is available; apart from the earlier two. Now you can iterate over varname given in g(varname,...) instruction in the project file. This is useful for creating image carousels and miscellaneous repetitions of other strings. See the two blurbs in the footer: "Some are free!" and "All are valuable!" were created like that.
  • Version 0.5.6 Dec 29, 2023
    A new option introduced: -r If this is used then FillPouch will attempt to create missing files that were needed, with placeholder contents. Also, if notes(...) instruction is given in the project, it will be written out just before the program exits.

    Error messages are lot more meaningful now.
  • Version 0.5.5 Dec 26, 2023
    Now some files can be placed on the Internet, instead of local folder. Even the main project file can be on the Internet (only https supported and you MUST have curl in the folder named curl )

    If you do not give any argument, it now gives a more meaningful message on the console.
  • Version 0.5.3 Dec 24, 2023
    Now files that are unlisted* (like this one) can be placed anywhere in the project folder beneath the www/ folder. Usually these are also *.sd files but frankly, they can be of any extension that regular listed file(...) instructions accept. Unlisted files cannot be seen in any menus. But you can place their links manually at the beginning or end of auto-links. Such files cannot be cloned either!

    *"Unlisted" simply means, the file is not mentioned in any of the file(...) instructions of the project.
  • Version 0.5.2 Dec 21, 2023
    Tags are now enabled
  • Version 0.5 Dec 20, 2023
    First version released