Recommended Editor

As FillPouch is a command line program, you would need a good editor to develop your site. Any text editor would do, however we recommend VSCode (or its telemetry free version: VSCodium). It is an excellent editor for Fillpouch.

Start two instances of VSCode. In one instance, ask VSCode to open the folder where your project files are residing. In the other instance, ask VSCode to open the root folder of your site, in the build folder.

In the second instance of VSCode (i.e. the one where the build folder is open), run an extension called Five Server It is an excellent, simple localhost HTML web-server. Open the main index.html file in the 'www' folder from the build folder. Whenever the files in the build folder change, it will restart the web-server. So you can see live changes in your browser.

You can also ensure that the site is always re-built whenever you save a file in VSCode. For that to happen, install the "file watcher" extension in VSCode, and configure that extension as per the example shown next:

"filewatcher.commands": [
        "match": "E:\\\\apps\\\\projs\\\\fillpouchwebsite\\.*",
        "isAsync": true,
        "cmd": "E:\\apps\\fillpouch.exe E:\\apps\\fillpouch.proj",
        "event": "onFileChange"
In the example above, we gave the "cmd" settings to reflect the actual folder where fillpouch.exe resides on our windows computer. It is set to run the fillpouch.proj in the same folder. In your case, you need to adjust the paths according to your requirements. Note that the backslashes in the value given for the match field requires four backslashes to represent ONE folder backslash separator.

Make sure you switch off the filewatcher once your work is done if the "match" field was set to match folders other than your project ones. If that be the case, some other work being done in VSCode would trigger an unnecessary rebuild of your site.