Folder structure

By default, FillPouch expects each and every site projects to be in their own respective folders. Those project folders should be inside a folder named projs in the same folder as the FillPouch executable fillpouch.exe

Fillpouch, by default, would create the final output in the corresponding project folder in a folder with the name build -- which is also a sub-folder of the folder where FillPouch executable resides.

Inside the project folder (yourprojectfolder/ in the diagram below) you would keep all the fragment files. These fragment files contains bits and pieces of HTML (or even other kinds of text) which gets inserted into the site as per the meta-instructions you would leave in the project. Fragment files are explained more in detail later.

IMPORTANT: These fragment files MUST NOT be within the site tree. But they should be kept in the parent folder above the www folder.

The folder tree
     FillPouch folder  -->build/ 
                            --> <yourprojectfolder/> 
                                      -->Your fragment files 
                                      --> www/ --> Site tree starts here! This is the root!
As you can see above, your project folder will be one folder above your final website. The actual site is kept in the folder named 'www' (with any number of sub-folders therein). This is known as the "root" folder and has to be specified as one of the instructions in the main project file you would give to Fillpouch. The actual sub-folders inside the 'www' folder is left to you. When FillPouch generates your site, the same set of folders that are in the project folder would be created automatically in the build folder.

During the site generation process, FillPouch will duplicate the actual folders where the HTML files are generated in the build folder. However, it will not copy the additional unprocessed files, such as Javascript files, images, etc. Those will have to be manually copied by you into the respective build folder.